The Fall of Xion

Your world, Xion, is in peril, it’s starting to die. The crops and plant-life are starting to shrivel, the sunlight is starting to fade off slowly. Each day becomes a little less bright. The weather is starting to become more chaotic and unpredictable – as are the creatures that roam the world.

Many try to keep their calm, staying in their day-to-day lives. Others are throwing everything to the wind and living out what may be their last years relieving themselves of their morality. Some towns and cities are starting to become unsafe, others have shut themselves off from outsiders, even a few have retreated from the cities to try and escape the chaos – preferring to be on their own.

The magic community is in upheaval as mages scramble to try and figure out a way to save the dieing world, so far with no success. There is one wizard on high council of mages that seems have something up his sleeve though – or so it’s rumored. There has a call out for a long list of items that seem so random, yet no limits are listed in the quantities – looks like a money maker for anyone looking to make some caps.


Rifts style to begin, may progress into a more stargate style as the game goes on

The Fall of Xion

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