Artifacts found in the burial temple

After-Image Mirror: Holding a lit candle up to it will show images of events that happened in the area from the last few hours

Constricting Elephant Tusk: When the tusk is plunged into the ground, anyone that goes near it will be attacked and squeezed to death by snakes that seem to pop out of the earth.

Arrow of Achilles: Can bring down immortals or god-like deities

Bottomless Cookie Jar: A gold cookie jar that is always full of chocolate chip cookies.

Devil’s Star: When thrown a single time at a person and is embedded in the person’s body, will cause the injured person to experience one thousand cuts all over their bodies – requires DC 15 constitution save or any non immortal type person or creature will die.

Hand of Glory: An artifact that allows it’s user to summon the spirit of the deceased. Once lit, the candle opens any supernatural window and enables communication until the candle burns down (About 4 hours) – The Hand of Glory’s appearance, hence its name, is a severed forearm of a mummified human being holding up a black candle in hand.

Time Traveler’s Time Piece: A pocket watch that, when clicked, gives you an extra turn. Can be used once per day/long rest.

Lyre of Building

Circlet of Persuasion

Sharpening Stones of Valor: There are several, each seems to have it’s own properties. When used for it’s purpose – sharpening things – it adds a bonus to the weapon until the next sunrise. The weapon must be in use for the bonus to be active/used

+1d4 to damage
+2 to hit
-1 to possible crit (19-20 to crit becomes 18-20 to crit)
+5 damage to evil aligned persons/creatures

Song of Extinction Music Box

Adventurers Canteen
This silver chalice is slightly larger than normal size. Each day at sunrise the chalice gains the ability to pour forth up to 2 gallons of water that day. When it has reached this limit, it ceases to function until sunrise of the next day.
Cost to buy 180gp, Cost to make 90gp, Weight 1 pound full.
Requirements: Craft Wondrous Items, Cast Create Water, Crafting DC 5, 1 day to make.


Tatoos to replace equipment stats – also instructions on converting magic/arcane items into psionic items

Pokeball concept (Along with 3 temporal spheres – pokeballs) — Monsters/Creatures only.


Various trinkets and such – 12500g worth

Gems worth 16750g – Some unique color combinations that are rare or never before seen

Victimizer slave collars x4


The Fall of Xion Wispernessia