Character Creation

All start at level 1

Main Character – 2,000 Gold, Hip Satchel of Holding, 5 Bonus Skill Points

Secondary Main Characters – 1,000 Gold

Your group has been friends awhile but have not gone out adventuring or anything like that before. You all live in the capital city of Aralia, with a population of approximately 2.1 million people – it is quite the large and busy place.

Things you should answer:

What’s your status in the city, if any?

No official status, but maybe a general knowledge that our group will do basically anything to anyone for the right price, a result of Etna’s viral marketing. It’s mostly hype since all of their combat so far has been murdering guys who try to force themselves on the group or their friends. The belongings of those judgments is why they have so much starting capital.

What’s your living situation?

We get a monthly rate on a “nice” and fairly large inn room above a rough bar where Sera’s twin sister works. It’s a great deal because we gutted some guys that were trying to rough up the owners daughter. Seems controlling your impulses goes by the wayside in pre-apoclyptia.

Do you have any family?

A twin sister that is close but not combat oriented. Her name is Seraphim and she is an amazing cook and brewer. She has a consistent income from the bar so handles most of the mundane expenses like rent while the group handles the bigger stuff, when they ever get more than murder money.

A mother, beautiful and voluptuous that makes her girls think all the wrong things. But she runs a brothel, and they don’t want that life. Or didn’t at the age they left, before the urges hit.

How long have you known your friends?

Katarina, basically from birth and they were always close. Her parents were recently killed during a simple trip to the market by a mugger. She embodies the Futanara stereotype much better with her giant tits and curvy body.

Iffy, about 6 years. A tiefling that was adopted from the street by Seras’ mother, who became enchanted by her dual nature. She’s basically a sister and grateful to her family for taking her in.

Etna, about 3 years. Etna was also the cause of the teams first murder. They found the young lesser-succubus in an alley about to be used by a group of fellows. It was a clumsy fight and their natural healing is mostly what carried them through. But they saved Etna and killed one of the men while the others fled. His possessions were they’re first loot. Etna stayed on because of gratitude and open sexual attraction even at that age to her saviors.

Angelica, about 2 years. A similar situation to Etna, the gang had been wandering looking for feats of greatness, or glorified murder/mugging. Their favorite targets were men targeting women, a prey getting distressingly common. They found a man accosting a petite young lady and murdered him brutally

How did you meet your friends?

I accidentally answered all of that above.

What do you want long term from your friends?

No rush on these, just in the appropriate time.

Katarina, brutal dominant lover with degenerate desires.

Iffy, sweet, doting lover or cruel, harsh dominatrix depending on the temper in control.

Etna, masochist who wants to be a thing. But only in bed, very sweet and fiery otherwise. Tsundere

Angelica, fanatical need to be wanted by Sera and have babies. Moe

What do you want long term in the game?

Talk online. Also to have a huge collection of pretty faces. A progression chart thing like normal. Lots of strategy rpg type elements.

Do you want Xion to be saved or to just find a new world?

Maybe, but if it survives it will be an almost empty waste full of darksouls type creatures, maybe with a dark lusty perv twist.

Character Creation

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