Item desires

Sleeves of Many Garments plus any unique enchantments that may go well with them like being able to put on armor enchantments.

P90 aka Stargate Gun is freaking awesome and an actual real working thing. Angelica wants a pink one. Such a cool looking gun.

Circlet of Persuasion but maybe slotless or with higher bonuses or some other cool stuff. As a pervy piercing ftw.

Lyre of Building is always an obvious thing for a bardy type and we have two of those.

Victimizer slave collars

The big six as tattoos instead of items so items slots can be used for fun stuff?

  1. Weapon enhancement
  2. Armor enhancement
  3. Resistance bonus to saves
  4. Stat enhancing item (like the belts and headbands)
  5. Ring of Protection
  6. Amulet of Natural Armor

Unique minerals and stuff, maybe from other worlds.

  • Lightweight, durable metals
  • Unique gems
  • Uniquely colored woods, also potentially with unique qualities
  • Unique cloths and fabrics, the more translucent the better.
  • Unique fruits and vegetables


Item desires

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